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Paul Sale


More than a one trick pony.



Over the past 7 years I have continually developed my photographic skills and I am commited to providing the best quality imagery possible.

video camera


Along with photography, I continually push myself to create professional video products that range from music videos to event based video reviews.



With any job I undertake, all video and photo editing will be done by me, which means less hands on your product, and less waiting on other people.


A highlight of my work over the years.


From my time in the U.S. Army


From the studio to the outdoors


When the great outdoors call my name

About Me

Who am I

Paul Sale

Hailing from a small town in mid Missouri, I spent much of my childhood outdoors and helping out on the family horse farm. Fastforward to 2010 when a 19 year old me decided to leave college and enlist in the U.S. Army. Having never considered joining the military I decided to pick a job in army that I had never done before. Photography. During my 7 years as a combat documentation/production specialist I have toured the world and seen so much more than I ever could have dreamed of back on our small farm.

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